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Welcome to the Cambridge English Portal. Here, you will find links to many website resources in both American and British English. If you think you know what your language level for English is, choose the tab with your level and then follow the links. If you don’t know your level do the short test to find out.

For each level (A1, A2, B1 and B2) the portal has links to hundreds of resources, activities and apps to practise vocabulary and grammar or your language skills (reading, listening and speaking). The videos section gives you links to many different kinds of videos for all levels, ages and topics of interest. The tools section gives you links to free apps to help you practise your language.

Some websites may ask you to register and login (for free) before you can access the resources. You can use the materials for self-study, or use them with young children. Many activities are suitable for young learners to use themselves.