Part 2
The people below all want to visit a city market. On the right there are descriptions of eight markets. For questions 6 10, move a market into the correct box.


Jenny wants to buy locally-produced food traditional to the area. She needs somewhere convenient to eat, and as she’s sightseeing in the city, the market shouldn’t be far from local attractions.



Matt wants a market where he can get something to wear at reasonable prices, and something hot to eat. He’s also keen on music, and likes finding rare recordings by different bands.



Sammie wants to visit a market after spending the day in the city. He would like to photograph a historic place, and buy a painting by someone unknown.



Alexia is looking for a really special necklace for her grandmother’s birthday. She’d like to spend the whole day at the market, and wants to avoid the cold by staying inside.



Ella is looking for objects from other countries for her friends. She’d like to choose a second-hand book to read on the journey home, and wants a snack at the market, too.



City Markets

  • Beckfield Market This market’s world-famous for second-hand camera equipment and books on photography. As well as an amazing range of cameras, we have old pictures of local places of interest for you to buy, and of course the stall owners are happy to give you advice for free! Don’t miss our hot soup stall in cold weather.
  • Rosewell Hill Our market’s in an amazing building that’s hundreds of years old. Visitors find our late-night opening hours convenient, and there are always performers entertaining the crowds. We've recently opened more stalls specializing in pictures both from well-known artists and also those beginning their careers.
  • Camberwall Market There’s lots to see in this interesting indoor market, so it’s open from morning until late, in a fantastic modern setting. Find everything from rare gold and silver jewellery to designer clothes – although the prices aren’t cheap, the quality’s excellent. After shopping, enjoy a meal in a nearby restaurant.
  • Cobbledown Road A small market that’s open in all weathers. Come and find something really fantastic – treat yourself or someone special! We have a wide selection of jewellery and musical instruments, produced locally by highly-skilled people, and home-made cakes to enjoy.
  • Oldford Lane Situated in the historic city centre, you’ll find a wide range of jewellery and clothes. Arrive early to avoid disappointment – bargains are found in the morning, and the stalls pack up after lunch. If the weather’s good, enjoy watching the world go by, although it gets very busy in the tourist season.
  • Purford Market Close to museums and art galleries, this is the place to buy something for lunch, as well as fresh fruit and special breads. Try the region’s famous cheese – the producers are there with advice on different types. Eat on the seats situated around the market, watching the colourful scene and enjoying music from local bands.
  • Teddingley Market Situated under historic city walls, in this busy market you’ll find a huge selection of great-value new and second-hand clothes. There are also stalls offering unusual albums by international singers, often hard to find in shops. Our world-food area allows you to taste food from abroad, cooked in front of you by international chefs.
  • Frome Place Stalls open during normal daytime shopping hours so, depending on the weather, there’s plenty to entertain you the whole day. Try our sandwich bar if you’re hungry, and look for an old copy of something by a favourite author. We also have gifts from all over the world.