Part 5
For questions 21 – 26, choose the correct answer for each gap. Click on a gap and a choice of words will appear. Then choose the correct answer.

The Coconut Tree

The coconut tree is thought to be one of the most valuable trees in the world. It is mostly found by the sea where there is a hot and wet 21. The coconuts often fall into the sea and float on the water until they 22 another beach, where more trees then begin to grow.

Holiday makers often see the coconut tree as no more than an attractive sun umbrella that provides 23. However, this amazing tree has hundreds of 24 and more are still being discovered. 

People have made houses, boats and baskets from the coconut tree’s wood and leaves for centuries. Even today, if you take a 25 in your cupboards, you will find coconut oil in products as 26 as medicine and desserts.