Part 5
For questions 21 – 26, choose the correct answer for each gap. Click on a gap and a choice of words will appear. Then choose the correct answer.

This car runs on chocolate!

Scientists have built a 300kph racing car that uses chocolate as a fuel! The project is 21 to show how car-making could 22 environmentally friendly. The car meets all racing car 23 apart from its fuel. This is a mixture of waste chocolate and vegetable oil, and such ‘biofuels’ are not 24 in the sport yet. It has to be mixed with normal fuel so that all parts of the car keep working.

Carrots and other root vegetables were used to make some parts inside and outside the car. Even the mirrors are made from potatoes! The sides of the car 25 a mixture of natural materials from plants as well as other recycled materials.

The project is still young, so the scientists have not yet found out how ‘green’ the car is. They are planning many experiments to compare its 26 against that of normal racing cars.