Part 2
The young people below all want to do a cycling course during their school holidays. On the right there are descriptions of eight cycling courses. For questions 6 10, move a course into the correct box.

Young People

Nancy is fourteen and cycles quite well. She needs to learn how to cycle safely from her home to school on busy city roads. She’s only free at the weekends.



Markus is an excellent cyclist and he wants the excitement of riding on countryside and woodland tracks. He’d also like to learn more about looking after his bike. He can’t attend a morning course.



Ellie is nine and knows how to ride her bike, but isn’t confident about starting and stopping. She’d love to meet other cyclists with a similar ability and have fun with them.



Leo can’t cycle yet, and wants to learn on his own with the teacher. He’d prefer a course with sessions twice a week. He’d also like some practical information about cycling clothes and equipment.



Josh is eleven and a skilled cyclist. He’s keen to learn to do exciting cycling tricks in a safe environment. He’d like to be with people of a similar age.



Cycling Courses

  • Two Wheels Good! Mountains! Rivers! Forests! Our ‘off-road’ course offers you the chance to get out of the city. You’ll need very good cycling skills and confidence. You will be with others of the same ability. Expert advice on keeping your bike in good condition also included. Mondays 2.00 pm–6.00 pm or Fridays 3.00 pm–7.00 pm.
  • On Your Bike! Can’t ride a bike yet, but really want to? Don’t worry. Our beginners-only group (4-10 pupils per group) is just what you’re looking for. Excellent teaching in safe surroundings. Makes learning to cycle fun, exciting and easy. Mondays 9.00 am–11.00 am and Thursdays 2.00 pm–4.00 pm.
  • Fun and Games Do you want some adventure? Find out how to do ‘wheelies’ (riding on one wheel), ‘rampers’ (cycling off low walls), ‘spins’ and much more… We offer a secure practice ground, excellent trainers and loads of fun equipment. Wear suitable clothes. Only for advanced cyclists. (Age 11–12). Saturdays 1.00 pm–4.00 pm.
  • Pedal Power A course for able cyclists. We specialise in teaching riders of all ages how to manage difficult situations in heavy traffic in towns and cities. We guarantee that by the end of the course, no roundabout or crossroads will worry you! Saturdays 2.00 pm–4.00 pm.
  • Cycling 4 U Not a beginner, but need plenty of practice? This course offers practical help with the basics of balancing and using your brakes safely. You’ll be in a group of pupils of the same level. Improve your cycling skills and enjoy yourself at the same time! Open to all children up to the age of ten. Sundays 10.00 am–12.00 pm.
  • Bike Doctors Have you been doing too many tricks on your bike? Taken it up mountains and through rivers? Then it probably needs some tender loving care. Bike Doctors teach you to maintain and repair your bike. (Some basic equipment required.) Ages 11-19. Tuesdays 9.00 am–12.00 pm or Wednesdays 3.00 pm–6.00 pm.
  • Safety First We teach cycling safety for the city centre and country lane biker. We’ll teach you the skills you need to deal with all the vehicles using our busy roads. All ages welcome from 10+. Thursdays 9.00 am–11.00 am.
  • Setting Out A course for absolute beginners needing one-to-one instruction to get off to a perfect start. We also give advice on helmets, lights, what to wear and much more. A fantastic introduction to cycling! Mondays and Tuesdays 9.00 am–11.00 am.