Part 4
For questions 19 – 24, choose the correct answer.

William Perkin

William Perkin was born in London in 1838. As a child he had many hobbies, including model making and photography. But it was the 19 of chemistry that really interested him. At the age of 15, he went to college to study it. 

While he was there, he was 20 to make a medicine from coal. This didn’t go well, but when he was working on the problem, he found a cheap 21 to make the colour purple. At that 22 it was very expensive to make clothes in different colours. William knew he could make a business out of his new colour. Helped by his father and brother, William 23 his own factory to make the colour. It sold well, and soon purple clothes 24 very popular in England and the rest of the world.