Part 4
For questions 19 – 24, choose the correct answer.

Wivenhoe hotel

Wivenhoe is a beautiful hotel in the countryside, with many rooms and an excellent restaurant. However, there is a big 19 between Wivenhoe and other hotels. Firstly, Wivenhoe is part of a university, and secondly, its staff are all teenagers.

In fact, Wivenhoe is a hotel school for young people who are 20 to get jobs in the hotel or restaurant 21. The students learn by helping staff in a real hotel, while their teachers 22 them carefully. They do everything, from making beds and cleaning bathrooms to preparing menus and 23 the telephone.

Some British people may think that a hotel run by students is a rather strange idea, but many visitors say that Wivenhoe is the best hotel they have ever 24 at.